By:  Nick Herman

May 16, 2015

Phillip Wilson won the first two Hobby Division main event races of the season at Laurens County Speedway, but hadn’t been back in victory lane since April 11. That is, until Saturday night’s race.

Wilson won a hard battle with Bobby Tucker in the main event to take home his third victory on the season. Behind Tucker were Tim Tollison, who took third, fourth-place finisher Lucas Motte and fifth-place finisher Tinker Roberts.

At the beginning of the race Tucker was able to get by Chris Lyons for the lead after starting on the outside of Row 1. Lyons couldn’t stay in the front pack, however, after he went to the pits following a caution flag on the fifth lap of the race. Lyons ended up taking sixth.

Once the race resumed it took two tries to get a lap completed before another caution on lap 6. From there Tucker looked to be in good position before Wilson started to pick up his race and, after the lap 6 restart Wilson was able to get by and held the lead for the rest of the race despite a hard push from Tucker that came up short of its goal.


Limited: Dale Timms won his second straight race and third of the season by holding off Brad Rachels in the main event of the Limited Division. Billy Rushton was third, Kris Norwood fourth and Kevin Baker fifth.

Timms got by Rachels at the start of the race after winning the second heat to start the main on the outside of Row 1. Rachels and Rushton both followed behind before they fell into a battle for second place, while Timms started to clock laps at less than 15 seconds. Rushton made a move to try and get to second but Rachels managed to hold him off.

On a restart following a lap-14 caution the drivers were brought back together, giving Rachels and Rushton another chance to make a run at Timms for the lead, but Timms simply sped off and pulled away to a comfortable victory.


SS4: Another three-time winner emerged in the Super Stock 4 Division as Dusty Eaves won his third race of the season. Brandon Frazier was second, J.R. Baker third, Joe Gibson fourth and Bradley Lambert fifth.

Eaves started on the pole for the main event and got off to a good start, pulling away from Frazier to hold the lead. Frazier was able to put up some pressure with Gibson, for a time, waiting in the wings in case the leaders made a mistake.

Eaves never made the mistake Gibson, or anyone else, was hoping for to give them a shot at getting the victory. Frazier had one shot to get past Eaves after a restart on lap 11, but Eaves managed to get a good restart and pulled away.


Crates: Chris Pendleton won from the pole to get his division-leading second victory of the season. Mike Measamer was second, Jeff Robinson third, Steve Bowie fourth and Terry Bullard fifth.

Tony Quarles, who started on the outside of Row 1, got by Pendleton for the lead on the opening lap. He stayed there through an early caution on lap 5 and used an effective defense to stay in the front. That changed near the halfway point in the race when Quarles got a little too high in the turns and Pendleton managed to get by for the lead.

Pendleton, who was the fastest driver in hot-lap qualifying with a time of 15.611 seconds, was side-by-side for a time with Quarles before the pass, but Quarles was knocked out of the race after a caution. Quarles finished seventh.

From there Pendleton was able to turn back Measamer and grab the checkered flag.


DWS Touring Wall-Walkers: Tony Hill won his first race of the season in the former Front-Wheel Drive Division by turning back Andrew Patterson, who finished. Spud Ammons was third, with Jake Barnett fourth and James Woodward fifth.

Chris Hill got to the lead from his start on the outside or Row 1 but a caution soon came out after fluid sprayed out from the back of Landon Mack’s car. Once the race restarted Chris Hill managed to stay in the front but Tony Hill, who started on the inside of Row 2, got himself into a battle with Patterson for second place. Tony Hill ultimately got by for second and quickly closed the gap as the laps ticked on.

Chris Hill led with five laps to go and appeared like he might hold on before contact between himself and Tony Hill led to a tire coming off the back-right side of Chris Hill’s car, ending his chances.

Tony Hill benefitted the most by moving into the top spot, which is where he stayed.


May 9, 2015

Bobby Tucker found his way to victory lane in the main event of the Hobby Division Saturday night at Laurens County Speedway, but the race will be more known for a spectacular crash that happened on lap 6 that left part of the outside wall in turn 1 damaged and, from reports from track officials, knocked a driver unconscious for a time.

The race featured six cars at the start, when Mart Patterson went from the pole position to the lead. Patterson held the lead through the early laps before the race was halted after contact between Tucker and Donnie Satterfield as they battle for position in the race. When the two cars made their final contact in the front stretch of the track, Satterfield’s car veered sharply to the right and, while not losing any speed, ran flush into the wall, causing massive damage to the vehicle and bringing out an immediate red flag.

Emergency personnel came out to help Satterfield, who reportedly lost consciousness in the immediate aftermath of the crash but later regained it while still in the car. Satterfield was able to get out but needed some assistance getting into the ambulance before being taken to the hospital for observation.

Once the race restarted Patterson maintained the lead, but that didn’t last after his own car started smoking and dropping fluid, ending his hopes.

That gave the lead to Tucker, who held off Lucas Motte to earn the victory. Behind Motte, who took second, were Tim Tollison, Patterson, Satterfield and Chris Lyons.


Limited: Dale Timms was the best car in the top division’s main event, rolling to a comfortable victory. Brad Rachels was second, Gib Gibbons was third, Kris Norwood fourth and Kevin Baker fifth.

At the beginning Rachels tried to pass Timms for the lead with Billy Rushton, who started on the outside of Row 2, behind them before he hit the wall to force a restart. On the restart Timms managed to hold off Rachels for the top spot while Gibbons pushed for second. Timms held a fair lead for a time before he started to pull away from Rachels, while Gibbons lost ground for second.

Lap traffic also did nothing to slow Timms down, as he got by cars with relative ease and pulled away for a comfortable victory.


Crates: Timbo Mangum had the fastest lap in hot-lap qualifying, turned that into a victory in his heat to earn the pole, and went on to win the main event later in the evening. Tony Quarles was second, with Chris Pendleton third, Jeff Robinson fourth and Terry Bullard fifth.

Mangum shot from the pole position to the lead with Quarles following behind. The two were in those spots for the remainder of the race, but had to turn back a late opportunity when a caution came out with seven laps to go. Quarles, though, just couldn’t keep Mangum from expanding the gap again and, as a result, had victory well in hand.


SS4: Dusty Eaves stopped J.R. Baker to win the main event in the Super Stock 4 Division. Bradley Lambert was third, T.J. Baker fourth, Brandon Patterson fifth and Brandon Frazier sixth.

J.R. Baker started on the pole with Eaves on the outside of Row 1, and Eaves had to hold on after an early slide slid him toward the wall but didn’t lead to any damage. The top two river stayed in close proximity to each other until Eaves went low on the track and got by for the lead, one he didn’t give up.


DWS Towing Wall-Walkers: Spud Ammons took the main event with Jake Barnett second and Kayla Bullard third.

The race got off to a wild start when Landon Mack got to the lead by Andrew Patterson. Travis Jamieson also tried to get by but could not, ultimately hitting the wall and seeing his night end prematurely as a result.

Mack kept hold of the lead with Ammons trying to get by on the restart, but ultimately Ammons got side-by-side for the lead and made it count, all while a crash took place that knocked Mack out of contention.

After that Ammons held firm in the lead and was not threatened the rest of the night.

May 2, 2015

The Alvin Nabors Memorial Races returned to Laurens County Speedway, which saw its first action in three weeks after consecutive rainouts, and in the main event it was Brett Hamm who proved better than all the rest.

Hamm won the 30-lap main event in the Limited Division at LCS, topping Bubba Russell, who finished second. Behind them were Billy Rushton in third, Frankie Coates in fourth and Drew Collins in fifth.

The race got off to a fierce start as Hamm and Timms battled for the lead in the opening lap. Timms tried to slide by for the lead on the inside of Hamm and appeared to get his nose in front, and the two drivers made contact with each other before both were able to save their cars and avoid a crash. Hamm was able to hold in best by taking first place after the contact, a spot he did not give up the rest of the race.

Veterans Rushton and Brad Rachels fought behind the leader for second later in the race and, lap after lap, the two pushed each other to get to second – with hopes of getting to first. Rushton won out for a time to get to second, but he later fell back when Russell made his own push and got by for second.

As that was happening, though, Hamm was able to maintain first place and, following a restart on lap 11, pulled away and took the victory.


Hobby: Chris Lyons took home the checkered flag in the Hobby main event, besting Tim Tollison, Bobby Tucker, Tinker Roberts and Steve Osborne, who respectively rounded out the top five.

Lyons took the lead on the opening lap and was able to expand it in the early going before a crash on lap 5 brought the proceedings to a halt. In the crash Phillip Wilson was unlucky as his car ran into a spinning Clark Smith, before Wilson’s car later took a hit that left the right side with heavy damage.

Once the race resumed Lyons again got out in front and built the advantage back up, ultimately winning by a fair margin.


SS4: J.R. Baker turned back Dusty Eaves and Joe Gibson for the checkered flag in the main event of the Super Stock 4 Division. After Eaves and Gibson, who finished second and third respectively, Brandon Frazier was fourth and Bradley Lambert was fifth.
After a caution on the first attempted start the race went off without a hitch the rest of the way. Baker got himself to the lead with Eaves following in pursuit, and Eaves kept himself close enough to be a threat for the entire race. Eaves continued to look for a way by to take the lead, but each time he looked to see if there was a way to get to the front he found that no such path was available.

As the laps ticked away Eaves kept up his pursuit, but Baker simply proved too tough to stop.


Crates: In a 20-lap main event Chris Pendleton earned his way to Victory Lane, with Nick Dietz taking second, Jeff Robinson third, Chris Morgan fourth and Mike Measamer fifth.

After a couple of attempted starts the race finally got underway with Pendleton, who ran a lap in heats of 15.369 seconds, getting to the front. Pendleton, Dietz and Robinson all were at the front from the start and all separated themselves from each other fairly quickly, leaving little chance for a pass. The field was brought together on lap 4 due to a caution, and again twice more in the first 11 laps of the race, but Pendleton never let up on the gas and continued to lead the field. To his credit, though, Dietz was able to make it close at the finish, but Pendleton managed to hold on.


DWS Towing Wall-Walkers: Travis Jamieson won the main event in the former FWD Division, with Spud Ammons second, Andrew Patterson third, Jake Barnett fourth and Landon Mack fifth.

The race got off to a clean start and Jamieson got right out to the lead with Ammons following behind. The two drivers stayed at the front of the pack for the entire race, but Jamieson was the better of the two throughout the night and won by a healthy margin.



April 11, 2015

Defending Crate Series champion Terry Bullard found his way to victory lane Saturday night in the main event, the first time since he won last year’s division championship at Laurens County Speedway in what was a wild night for the division.

Mike Measamer had a wild crash during his heat race that ultimately left his car flipped over on its top and, later kept him from running in the main event. Thankfully, after a 13-minute delay to get the track cleared, Measamer was found to be okay and the races resumed. Later during the main event it appeared Tony Quarles, who started the main event on the pole, started to spark bad on the 11th lap of the race. When he did spark the two drivers behind him, Bullard and Leake, both crashed – Bullard into Quarles and Leake into Bullard – to bring out the caution. But because both drivers had no way to avoid any accident after Quarles had his issues, both were put back in their spots on the restart with five laps to go.

But from the restart Bullard was able to hold onto his ground at the front of the field, even with Leake pushing hard for the top spot, and got the victory.


Limited: Another defending track champion, Billy Rushton, found his way to victory lane after winning the main event. Kris Norwood took second place, Kevin Baker third, Brad Rachels fourth and Chad Edwards fifth.

Rushton got himself to the front of the field from his starting spot on the outside of Row 1, zipping by Norwood from his pole position. Norwood and Rachels followed from behind, with Rachels later passing Norwood for second place. Rushton threatened to break the 15-second barrier on his laps through the race, building a good lead before David Yandle’s car broke down to bring the caution out with 12 laps to go.

Rachels got his chance to challenge Rushton as a result of the restart but Rushton again pulled away once the race resumed. It appeared the top two finishers would both hold their spots and, while Rushton did, Rachels hit the wall going through the final turns to lose his hold on second place and allow Norwood and Baker to get by for second and third, respectively.


Hobby: Phillip Wilson continued his strong start to the season, winning his second straight main event. Tinker Roberts was second, with Tim Tollison third, Clark Smith fourth and Lucas Motte fifth.

Wilson got to the lead from the start as he used his position on the outside of Row 1 to jump past Bobby Tucker. Wilson pulled out to a good lead before an early caution flag came out, but when the race resumed he and Roberts put separation between themselves and the rest of the pack. Tucker’s run, though, came to an early end when he faltered and fell back, finishing in seventh and giving Wilson a clean run to the finish line.


SS4: J.R. Baker picked up his first victory of the season in the main event. T.J. Baker followed in second with Bradley Lambert third, Brandon Frazier fourth and Michael Hicks fifth.

J.R. Baker led from the pole position and never trailed, but did get a good push at the front from Lambert and T.J. Baker as the top spot appeared up for grabs. After a couple early laps, though, J.R. Baker was able to get out to the lead, and once he did he built a healthy lead.

That lead was erased on a caution halfway through the race, but even that wasn’t enough for J.R. Baker to lose control of the race. Lambert continued to hold second place with Frazier in third, but as the race came to its conclusion those cars fell back and T.J. Baker was the benefactor.


DWS Towing Wall-Walkers: What turned into a three-car main event was rather uneventful as Andrew Patterson took the checkered flag. Spud Ammons finished second and Landon Mack was third.

Mack was in first after the start of the race, getting to first from his starting position on the outside of Row 1. He held the lead for a time before Patterson was able to get to the inside and slingshot himself to the front, taking Ammons with him. From there Patterson was able to build a safe lead and coast home.


April 4, 2015

Laurens County Speedway roared back to life Saturday with the first night of its 60th season, and Dale Timms proved in the top division that he was the driver to beat.

Timms got past Brad Rachels and held him and two-time defending division winner Billy Rushton off to win the main event of the Limited Division. Kris Norwood was fourth and Kevin Baker took fifth.

Rachels got out of the outside poll position to take the lead at the start, but had to fight from the beginning to turn back both Rachels and Rushton, who quickly pulled away from the rest of the field to make it a three-driver sprint. The race was clean, without any cautions, and Rachels held on despite a serious push from Timms that got him close to the lead, but not close enough in the early going.

Past the halfway mark, though, Timms’ efforts finally paid off when he got a lane on the inside to zip past Rachels and take the lead.

From there Timms was able to pull away from the rest of the pack and opened up a comfortable lead, but Rachels had to fight still to turn back Rushton in his effort to get to second. Rachels proved successful as he pulled away from Rushton late to hold onto second place, all the while Timms stayed in first.


Hobby: Philip Wilson was back at the LCS track, and his return proved to be a success.

Wilson turned back Tinker Roberts to win the main event, with Bobby Tucker third, Steve Osborne fourth and Lucas Motte fifth. Dan Lawson, the defending champion in the series, moved up to Crates.

The race was very taxing as the drivers needed five attempts to get through the opening lap as caution after caution negated each try beforehand.

On the final starting attempt Wilson got himself to the front, passing Tinker Roberts for the lead. Bobby Tucker also made a move to the front but his attempt at making a run for the lead, as well as everyone else’s, was cut short when the race was shortened to just three laps because of time.


Crates: Gibb Gibbons won the first race of the season in the Crate Division, edging out Zack Mitchell, Tony Quarles, Mike Measamer and Terry Bullard, who rounded out the top five.

The field of nine cars at the start of the main got off to a good start when Gibbons jumped from the outside poll of Row 1 to the lead. Mitchell managed to hold onto second but, in the early going, Gibbons pulled out to a comfortable lead.

The race looked fairly comfortable for Gibbons with six laps to go when a caution came out after Mart Patterson spun his car to bring out the caution flag. That brought the top drivers back together and gave Mitchell one last chance to grab the victory, but Mitchell just didn’t have enough as Gibbons again pulled out to the lead on the restart and held firm.


Super Stock 4: Dusty Eaves won the main event in the SS4 Division, with J.R. Baker taking second, Tim Collins third, Bradley Lambert fourth and Brandon Frazier fifth.

Baker had the lead from the start of the race, and early on it was Joe Gibson who was among the top competitors for the lead. He and Baker put on a good battle, with Eaves following behind, but when Gibson’s car started to smoke he was knocked out of contention, and out of the race. Gibson finished seventh.

From there both Eaves and Baker continued to battle for the top spot, now with Eaves in the top spot after being able to get around on the inside of Baker. As the laps went on Eaves was able to gain some separation from Baker, clinching the victory.


DWS Towing Wall-Walkers: The Front-Wheel Drive Division had a new sponsor, and a new name, as it opened the season, and in the main race Shane Roberts proved to be the best wall-walker of them all. Roberts defeated defending points champ Travis Jamieson, who finished second, while Andrew Patterson was third, Spud Ammons was fourth and Brandon Summers was fifth.

Roberts got out to the lead after starting on the pole position with Patterson and Jamieson in pursuit. Roberts opened a fair lead while Patterson and Jamieson were nearly side-by-side in battling for second place. Jamieson ultimately got past for second place but could not gain any ground on the leader, who appeared set for an easy victory before a caution came out on the eighth lap of the race.

When the race resumed Roberts again jumped out and extended his lead, and the rest of the drivers fell into line behind him as Roberts finished off the race.