Race report for July 26, 2014

By Nick Herman

Sports Editor

Travis Jamieson won an entertaining Front-Wheel Drive main event race Saturday night at Laurens County Speedway, defeating Joel Cabe, who took second. Spud Ammons was third with Kayla Bullard fourth and Nikki Weathers fifth.

Jamieson and Cabe put on the best battles all race, even after an accident sent the cars back in the field. The two quickly recovered and moved through the field, getting to second and third. Ammons was in first for most of the race and did all he could to stay in the front, and it appeared he would be successful until the final lap – that’s when Jamieson finally made his way by for the lead, with Cabe following suit, but Jamieson would not let the lead up.


Limited: Larry Timms won his first race in the division this year, turning back Michael Smith. Mike Measamer was third, Billy Rushton was fourth, and Mike Kernells was fifth.

The main event took five starts or restarts to get through the third lap, but Timms proved to be the one who survived the carnage best by staying in the front of the field. He led after the first restart and held on until the checkered flag flew.

Measamer did his best to get back toward the front after he fell back through the lineup early in the race, and was able to get to second place before Rushton was able make his own pass and get second for himself.


SS4: Dusty Eaves won his second straight race in the Super Stock 4 Division. Joe Gibson was second, with Brandon Patterson third, T.J. Baker fourth, and Danny Nelson fifth.

T.J. Baker led at the start of the race with Ray Storay breaking from the challengers to make a run at the lead, and the two drivers pushed each other through the early race. They appeared to set themselves up for a great finish before Storay went to the outside for a pass but couldn’t get there, falling off the pace.


Hobby: Tim Tollison took home the main event with Dan Lawson finishing second, Chris Patterson third, Bobby Tucker fourth, and Mart Patterson fifth.

Tollison got by the field and took the lead from the start, but had to shake a good challenge from Lawson after a restart brought the field back together. Tollison proved to have the best car all night, though, and didn’t have to sweat too much.

Chris Patterson made a run at Lawson toward the end of the race for second, but Lawson was able to hold on and keep his hold on key points in the title chase.


Crates: Terry Bullard won his second race of the season in the Crate main event, helping build his points lead in the standings. Chris Morgan took second, Larry Grube third, Dustin Sloan fourth, and Dale Timms fifth.

Bullard led from start to finish, overtaking Grube on the opening lap after starting on the outside of Row 1. From that point Bullard was in the clear and won going away.